Monday, 16 September 2013

Denotation and Connotations 

Artist:Iron Maidien
Title:Number of the Beast
Denotation:The devil and a skeleton dancing
Connotation:people with the same interests are practically the same.

Artist:Bruce Springsteen
Title: Born is the USA
Denotation: A teenager looking at the American flag
Connotation: A teen watching over America

Artist: The Strokes
Title: Is this it
Denotation: A woman touching her bum will she is wearing a glove
Connotation: This symbolises what men only like in a woman

Artist: Queen
Title: Queen 2
Denotation:4 men coming out of the darkness
Connotation: people opening up and coming out of the darkness

Artist: Joy division
Title: Unknown Pleasures
Denotation: Mountains going up and down
Connotation: A person going over any obstacle that is in their way

Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: Wish you were here
Denotation: two men shaking hands
Connotation: Two generations coming together in happiness

Artist: The Who
Title: Who's next
Denotation: 4 men standing on a beach
Connotation: Looking at their future

Artist: Soul wax
Title: Night Visions
Denotation: A pink background
Connotations: the colour pink describes their life

Artist: Blondie
Title: Parallel lines
Denotation: a woman with men behind her
Connotation: the woman may control the men

Artist: Miles Davis
Title: Tutu
Denotation: A man in the darkness
Connotation: The man is coming out pof his shell

Monday, 2 September 2013


I actually beat my high score on jetpack joyride and downloaded 4 stick cricket apps on the app store and I got well annoyed at my self because I kept on getting out, so I deleted one of them. Went back in time with the premiere ship years 04/05, then my sisters changed it over to ICarly, so I had a 2 hour fifa 13 session (scored a lot of sweaty goals lol.) Finally, I completed all of my homework and it was so boring that I had to have a sleep. Then a couple of hours later i woke up and my stomach was shouting at me to get some food so I had a high bowl full of Corn Flakes which was made even better with milk and watched Robson Greens Extreme Fishing which i really enjoy!!


For most of the day I watched a lot of movies on sky movies such as Batman Returns, Real Steel, Shrek 2, Kick Ass and Happy Gillmor (such a funny film.) Then movies started to get boring so I watched super league rugby St Helens VS Hull KR great match St Helens just won 28-26. After that great game i listened to some drop the base and dup step with a little bit of pop.